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Helle Enfire
Nothing excites me more than 2D animation. Nothing.

That said, I'm extremely excited nowadays. And I have good reason to be. In the eight long years since Disney's last serious attempt at 2D feature films (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) things have seriously changed.

And it's about damn time.

As of 2008, here's how things stand: Enchanted, a smashing success at the box office,has reignited the 2D genre among legions of people who haven't thought about animation since childhood.

This in turn has put dollar bill signs in the eyes of Disney execs who have given the green light to as-of-yet two or three hush hush 2D films. Whether or not those films will actually be put into production, however, is another story.

Sure, appetites have been whetted and profit margins seems attractive, But will the Frog Princess be able to prove that Disney still has the ability to create magic? Enchanted's success was based on it's parodying of classic Disney films-- in that sense was more of a "sequel" than an original movie.

The Frog Princess, however, will have nothing to rest on but it's own laurels and the Disney name to keep viewers entertained.

While we wait for the Frog Princess' imminent release, I thought I would bring some wonderful 2D films, that for whatever reason, are relatively unknown to North American audiences. Believe it or not, while 2D film animation was on the demise in North America, elsewhere in the world the industry was startinf to come into it's own.

Take Urduja, a 2008 feature film made in the Phillipines which chronicles the life of the eponymous heroine; a warrior princess of legendary skill and beauty.

Link to the Trailer-…

Plot Description-…

Wkipedia Page-…

Google "Urduja" and "art" for screencaps and concept art from the film.

Unfortunately, the movie is available only in Taglog at the moment. Still, it is fun to look at the art. Now, a lot of people is saying Urdaja bears a striking resemblance to Mulan--and I would have to agree with them. But don't take my word for it. Look at the images and make up your mind yourself.

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